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Registration is OPEN

*Please read ALL information about this ministry before committing to attend the program.

You MUST be registered before the start date of the next session. Registration is CLOSED once the session starts.

Studies are held 2 to 3 times a year depending on interest. 



The 12 Step Program is held two to three times a year depending on demand and facilitator scheduling. If you are interested in particpating in the program please click on "send email" above and request to be added to the waiting list for the next session.  


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  • Cost of class: No Charge

  • Cost of brand new Life Recovery Bible: No Charge

  • Cost of Life Recovery Workbook: $9.99 [see more details below]


The Study is free but each participant is asked to purchase their own Life Recovery Workbook. Workbooks can be purchased for $9.99 [and as low as $7.99 if on sale] at Mardels or Lifeway Christian Bookstores. 

A brand-new Life Recovery Bible will be available for each person enrolled in the session. If you complete the class without missing a session, the bible will be yours as a gift from Glorieta Baptist Church. If you drop out of the class or are uncommitted to regular attendance of the study, you will be expected to return the bible OR pay a fee of $20.00 to cover the cost of the bible.  

Each study session is held weekly for 12 weeks. If you are unable to begin this session the first week, you will need to wait until the next 12-week session is scheduled. It is very important that you attend every class during the 12-week session. This is a commitment on your part as well as the class facilitator. 


About this Step Study: 

The Life Recovery 12 Step Program is a Christ-centered and Bible based class that addresses various life issues that we all tend to struggle with. It also offers solutions to our daily problems, compulsions, and addictions. We focus on God's Healing Power by fellowshipping with others while utilizing strong Biblical principles to overcome our various hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

The study is held weekly for 12 weeks. If you are unable to begin a session the first week, you will need to wait until the next 12-week session is scheduled. It is very important that you attend every class during the 12-week session.

At the end of the 12-weeks; a graduation, fellowship celebration is held at which time you will be awarded a 12 Step Certificate of Completion.  


Is the Life Recovery 12 Step for me?

No matter the circumstance, the Life Recovery 12 Step Program may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Do you struggle with fear, worry, anger or hopelessness?

  • Are you trying to fill a void in your life with food, alcohol, drugs or sex?

  • Is codependency or “people pleasing” your issue?

  • Are you seeking a faith-based meeting?

  • Have you recently been released from an inpatient addiction treatment program?

  • Do you attend secular meetings and want to find a Christian group?


Life Recovery 12 Step Is Bible Based:



A pathway to Recovery and Wholeness

God’s program for Reconciliation and Healing.



THE HOLY BIBLE is a book about recovery. It records how the world began and how God created it to be good. Then it tells us about the beginning of sin—about the first-time people decided to reject God’s plan. It spells out the fatal consequences that result from rejecting God’s program. But the Bible doesn’t leave us in despair. It reveals a plan for recovery and the source of the power to accomplish it. It provides us with the only pathway to wholeness—God’s program for reconciliation and healing.


About the Facilitator:

Alan Washington is the facilitator for the Life Recovery 12 Step Study Ministry at Glorieta Baptist Church. Alan is a Family Support Provider with Chickasaw Nation and is currently enrolled in the OU Continuing Education CADC program to become a Certified Counselor. He has been in Recovery himself for 12 years.  Alan has served on a Juvenile Drug Court Treatment Team as a provider of services and advocate for any Native Youth that were participants in Drug Court. He is a licensed and ordained minister and has served in various positions at Glorieta Baptist Church.


Facilitator Expectations / Ground Rules: 

  • Every participant is required to register for the class themselves.  Not your parent, or spouse, friend or family member.  

  • Each week consists of about 2-3 hours of reading and a few questions to answer and bring to the next class for discussion.  This is not an option.  If you don’t read and answer the questions at home, you won’t have anything to offer the group the following week and you become dead weight.  The others are carrying you. ‚Äč

  • Attendance is mandatory for the entire 12 weeks.  If you have to miss a class due to a death in the family, work, a hospital emergency, or if you are sick, PLEASE CALL OR TXT ME.  Participants are allowed one excused absence.  If you’ve been absent or sick and have had your excused absence and you miss again but you don’t call or text me, you’re dismissed from the group/class.  I’ve allowed prior groups to decide the fate of a participant more than once.  All participants must respect my time and that of the others in the group.  I’m committed to be there for you every week, whether you choose to show up or not.  I will be there; I’ve made that commitment to you.  You can do the same.

  • If for some reason, you are dismissed from the group or quit, you are responsible for returning or paying for the Life Recovery Bible.  This is a ministry of the church to help those who want help. We want to provide the bibles for everyone who is committed to completing the 12-week study. 

  • If a participant shows up and it’s determined that they have been using drugs or drinking alcohol, they are asked not to speak in that night’s session.



The Life Recovery 12 step study sessions are held two to four times per year depending on demand and facilitator scheduling. If you have any questions about the Step Study program, please click on the "send email" link above and submit them directly to Alan.  

Your questions will remain anonymous and your information will not be shared with anyone other than the ministry staff.



Life Recovery 12 Step Study

The Life Recovery 12 Step program is a ministry of Glorieta Baptist Church. The program is provided to you, free of charge, other than the purchase of your personal Life Recovery Workbook.  

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